Aspen Air Pro - Reusable Face Mask + 10 Filters


The Aspen Air Pro PRF is our most advanced and durable reusable face mask. Constructed out of extremely soft, comfortable, non-allergenic and durable thermoplastic elastomer, our face mask is designed to outlast standard single-use masks.

The Aspen Air Pro has a new metal nose bridge designed to create a more customized secure seal around your face ensuring all air flows through the filter using the adjustable straps.

The soft polymer elastomer frame of the Pro features a rounded lip to make wearing the mask even more comfortable for prolonged use.

Our unique interchangeable design allows you to create multiple filters out of your existing filter media or mask inventory, prolonging the life and usefulness of the filters on hand. 

Must be sanitized before use.

Color: BLUE


Fitment: Small & Medium Size Faces

Strap Length: 16in 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Niosh. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Mask Frame - Thermoplastic

Elastomer Straps - Thermoplastic Elastomer

Filter Holder - Polypropylene

Nose Clip - Aluminum

What's Included

1 - Aspen Air Pro Frame

1 - Aspen Air Strap Set

1 - Aspen Air Waffle

1 - Polybag

1 - Nose Bridge

10 - BFE 98 Filters


Easily swap filters or create new ones from existing masks

It starts with an extremely  comfortable thermoplastic elastomer frame that creates a tight seal, and carries through to a better use of N95 filtration materials with the ability to cut up to 6 individual filters from 1 N95 mask thus extending the life substantially.

Care Instructions

Before wearing a Particulate Respirator Frame (PRF), fit testing is necessary to determine if the PRF provides an acceptable fit.

  • Please refer to the provided instructions for cleaning, sanitizing, repairing, inspecting, and storing this PRF.
  • This PRF should be stored so that it does not become damaged or deformed.
  • Do not store in pockets or plastic bags. Infectious material deposited on personal protective equipment may cause it to become a vehicle for direct or indirect transmission.
  • In those situations, care is needed when removing and storing personal protective equipment to avoid contamination of skin, clothing, and mucous membranes.
  • Remove the PRF and either hang it in a designated area or store and transport it in a clean paper bag (consider labeling with a user’s name before use to prevent reuse by another individual).
  • The accumulation of particles on the external surface of the PRF may be an exposure hazard from contact with the PRF.
  • Users should be cautious and follow appropriate procedures to avoid self-inoculation from contact with these surfaces.
  • Hand hygiene and infection control practices should be followed before and after touching the outside of the PRF when it is used in the presence of infectious agents.

The service life is dependent upon environment and exposure to chemicals.

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Due to concerns about hygiene and the safety of our customers and employees, we will NOT be accepting any returns, except in the case of manufacturer defect.