True Cost of Your Face Mask

I was on a call with a client who needed masks for 6,000 employees in a retail setting.  They were comparing our Aspen Air Pro against cloth masks made in Mexico.  

At first glance $5 per mask for cloth looks much better than $20 for Aspen Air Pro purchased in bulk, but it is important to look beyond cost.  

The cloth mask might make it through a few washes, so it's reusable, with a caveat.  You also need to make sure your employees wash them, which isn't something I would bet on happening as frequently as you would like.  

So let's assume it lasts a work week if used daily and washed daily. Not bad, a $1 dollar a day use.  But let's chat protection.  That is only a cloth mask, no filter, so basic protection, which is much better than nothing.

The Aspen Air Pro is shipped with 10 filters that are BFE 98 and electrostatic charged to offer ATSM level 3 protection.  So you get essentially 2 work week of filters with the reusable mask.  So ours is $2 per work day just out of the gate with your first order.  

So ours is double the cost per use as a cloth mask but 100x the protection.  The math gets even better when you buy refill packs of our filters.  They cost less than .30 cents in volume.  So now you have well under a dollar a day with Aspen Air Pro.

Maybe you doubt the assumption that a $4 cloth mask will be unusable after 5 washes.  Let's assume that it never wears out, but you have to expect your employees to wash daily for even basic sanitization.  Lots of in efficient use of laundry services and putting lots of responsibility on employees.  

Over time the Aspen Air Pro mask has a daily cost of use that can be as low as .25 cents.  That is a small price to pay to protect your guests and your employees.  If you really have to go with a cloth mask for some reason, we sell them as well, but let's chat first and get you the right mask for your company.