Recycling Face Masks

With a billion facemasks being created every few weeks, what does that mean to landfills?

Most masks, either medical grade or cloth masks for personal use, are being discarded.  This is not what we want for the planet, especially after she got a nice break during Covid.

Miakomo is working daily with Exxon Mobile to create a super affordable, one-time use, high-filtration and protection, recyclable face mask.

This is the type of mask that you can imagine being issued before you board a plane, walk into a school, or go to a workplace.  At the end of the flight, or visit, you then put the mask into a bin that will be broken down to make something thing else. 

The raw materials are all polypropylene provided by Exxon Mobile's chemical and plastics division.

The best part about this new mask is the affordability.  It will have some of the medical-grade protection and filtration but cost fraction of what you are seeing right now.  Also, as you can see in the photos, we plan to make these customizable for your organization.

Please inquire if you are interested in this new mask for your organization.