Miakomo Offers Custom Mask Development and Branding

The Covid crisis has surfaced our love hate relationship with face masks.  You love them because they keep you safe, but you hate them because you have to wear them.  No one wants to wear a face mask, let's be honest.  We need to wear them but that isn't a want. 

Because of this we are realizing there is a lot to still be invented when it comes to this newly booming protective face mask category.  We decided to launch a custom development arm of Miakomo.  We have amazing engineers who invented the Aspen Air mask and they want to do so much more to help protect people.  

We also offer amazing branding options on cloth masks made in the USA.  See some of the options below.

Just let us know what you need and we can introduce you to our design and development services team by filling this form out 

Talk soon!