Member Moves: Miakomo

One of the best ways to ease anxiety in a challenging time is to look for the helpers. One of those helpers is new startup, Miakomo. What does Miakomo do exactly? They create a mask mechanism that can extend the life of a regular N-95 mask up to 6x! 

With thousands of masks in production, soon to be millions, it make sense why these are such a hot commodity. Unlike 3-D Printed Masks, these are made of a similar plastic of a sports mouthguard, making it soft on the face. 

The mask is able to function as a full respirator that you can rotate the filter (made of a cut N95 mask) in. Presently, N95 masks are supposed to be used for 8 hours at a time. However, with the global shortages of PPE, responders are having a hard time getting a single mask a week. 

Miakomo is approaching this with a war time effort mentality. New molds/machines are coming online every day. Right now, 5000 are made a day with a desire to sprint to 50-100,000/day. 

In tandem with the work they are doing to create masks, they have developed a give-a-mask program, that allows individuals to donate masks for first responders at cost.

Want to know more about the plan to take one million masks to six?

Visit miakomo.com now. 1 million masks to 6 millions masks 


Contact: Scott Paul, scott@miakomo.com, 833-Mia-Komo