Meet our new Electro-Wise filter

It has been a month in development and we finally have the details everyone has been asking for regarding our 

BFE 98 replaceable filter.  This has been tested to ASTM Level III compliant, making it the perfect fit for those critical "back to work" jobs needed. 

You can find out all about this filter on our product page.  They can be purchased in 10, 50, 100, or even 1000 packs.  https://miakomo.com/collections/filters

Here are some details:

  • Treatment: Electrostatic filtering
  • 3 Layers: Middle layer contains an additive that imparts a negative charge to the melt blown fibers, to successfully diffuse and halt even very small particles.
  • Technical Specifications: BFE 98 ASTM Level III compliant

This filter utilizes both ultra-fine fibers and embedded electrostatic properties to shield the wearer from particles of a wide variety of sizes and characteristics.

Three Layers:

1. 17 gsm SB Hydrophobic outer filter
2. 25 gsm MB Electrostatic filter
3. 17 gsm SB Soft, hydrophobic filter


Coming up next we will restock our Surge-wise filter and in June you will see both a new Bio-wise filter, and even a certified N95 filter available.  

Remember that breathability is always going to be easier the less filtration you use. Our Surgi-wise will be most breathable but less protection.  Electro-wise is more protection but a little less breathable.