Creative Ways to Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones

Are you currently separated from your family and friends? You may feel like you are far apart but it is possible to stay connected if you put in a bit of effort and enlist willing participants. These ideas can help you connect, because it’s time to call your great-aunt Betsy and catch up with her.

Phone Calls

While this may not be the most creative idea on the list, phone calls are a great way to stay in touch and all too often we think a text will suffice. There are far too many loved ones that we’ve said we would call. Now is the time to do it!

If you’re nervous about breaking the silence after a long time, you could come with a question prepared. This might help the conversation to get started off more smoothly; avoiding all the small talk about why you haven’t called in forever. A great ice breaker that can lead to a memorable discussion is to ask about a special event in the person’s life.

Facetime/Zoom/Google Meet

Grandparents love to chat with grandkids, and it has probably been too long since this has happened in person. Being able to video chat with grandparents allows everyone to feel a little closer.

Some families have made it a weekly practice to video chat as a whole group, with enough time for everyone to do a show-and-tell of things they have done during the week. This helps to give people a focus during the week and then a feeling of accomplishment and sharing at the end of the week, which can be a great motivator for everybody.

Live Event

There are many platforms on which you can create and invite people to attend a live event. Facebook and Instagram have private channels where you have only invited guests to come in and join you with video-enabled conversations.

You can make it fun by having a theme for your meetings. Things like:

  • Dance-off
  • Fashion show
  • Crazy hair displays
  • Charades
  • Pictionary
  • Home scavenger hunt
  • Best dad jokes ever

The sky is the limit with this one.

Snail Mail

You know you love it when you get a card or letter in the mail! How about you make someone’s day by sending them a letter? It takes just a few minutes to write out a postcard but it can make someone’s day to send one.

There are thousands of free sites out there that make printing a cute card or letterhead a special way to show how much you care for someone. When you add a special handwritten message to the cart, it lets the people you love know you’re thinking about them.

YouTube Yourself

If finding a time when everyone can get together is difficult, make a YouTube video that you can share with everyone.

This can be especially great with young children who find being on live video gives them excuses to misbehave. You can record you and your family and then edit out all the chaotic stuff that you don’t want to divulge.

You can have talent shows, poetry readings, or recipe shares and do these all at your leisure.

Truly with all the technology and time that we have, staying connected with our loved ones is just a matter of putting forth a little more effort to find what communication mediums work best for each of us. Not everything will work out perfectly, and not everyone is going to be able to participate each time, but let’s make the most of what we have to make sure we’re spreading the love far and wide!