Creative Social Distancing Ideas to Keep Life Fun

At no other time in history has a nation, let alone most of the world, come to a halt, with recommendations that people stay home and keep distance from one another. Preventing the spread of this virus became a worldwide concern very quickly and it has been a rough few months.  We are hopefully seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with all 50 states slowly opening up and starting their returns to normal. However, there is still a necessity to keep distance so coronavirus doesn’t surge back. There are cute and creative ways to remain socially distant but not emotionally distant.

Drive-by Parades

Whether someone was having a birthday or graduation, you’ve probably seen a parade of cars driving down the street, with horns honking and people waving out the window. No matter the occasion, these parades are easy ways to bring joy, closeness and a few tears to the person of honor.

Neighborly Dance-offs

The text might read: “Meet on the corner of 2nd and Main Street. We’ll each take a corner and bring your best dance moves!”

It doesn’t matter if no one in our group can dance all that well, it is just fun to joke around, catch up a little, and be a support for one another.


It feels like everyone has joined TikTok and found a way to make us laugh. Everything from parodies, dance-offs, comedy skits, to karaoke, pranks and best of dog videos are all things you can watch or make. There is even a special subset of videos just featuring dad jokes. TikTok has allowed us to break out of the usual humdrum and watch what others are doing, while staying safe.

Movies in the Park

Some communities have conducted these types of gathering for years, but there are many more neighborhoods or parks choosing to join in on the excitement. Unlike in past years, people are staying at least six feet away from other moviegoers, but everyone is enjoying some time out of the house.

Game Night

If you love board games, getting everyone on a video chat to play Monopoly or Candyland isn’t all that difficult, you just have to be a little creative – and no cheating! You can also play online on interactive game sites like Jackbox Games.

When board games aren’t what you’re looking for, get a group together for a video game tournament or use your phone’s texting game apps to play back-and-forth challenges with people you haven’t seen in a while.

Whatever it is that helps you get through this distancing and time apart, get everyone you can onboard.