It's Time to Get Back to Work! Introducing NEW Cloth Masks.


Proudly made in the USA

Our PRF masks are soft and malleable ensuring that you get a quality seal and fit. Making them ideal for users needing to wear them for extended periods of time.

Not all masks offer equal protection.

Reusable masks will help keep Mother Earth happy.
We have worked the last few months to develop a high quality face mask that uses filters just like our Aspen Air Mask.
Need features of a mask specific to your industry? We can design, engineer and produce face masks right here the USA.
Our N95 Filter is coming in June.

We can do better...

"For decades the world has discarded the entire mask after less than 8 hours of use. Miakomo is going to be MORE ECONOMICAL than it was even before the Coronavirus! We will save the world from wasting millions of metric tons of precious filter material while helping people save money."

- Scott Paul, Founder Miakomo